• It has the characteristics of excellent performance, galvanized steel and Aluminum Alloy has good adhesion, quick drying, coating after a few minutes can not affect handling stacking, welding and cutting; with excellent adhesion and impact resistance; excellent wear resistance, for most classification societies in the form of recognition China.

  • The anticorrosive pigment is conducive to environmental protection, the coating has good water resistance, salt water resistance and salt fog resistance; good rust and durability; has good oil resistance and solvent resistance; with excellent adhesion and impact resistance; suitable for port, dock, heavy machinery, mine machinery, electrical machinery, water conservancy and other steel structure.

  • High solid content, can be made of thick epoxy paint model with excellent alkali resistance, excellent; has good water resistance, salt water resistance; with excellent durability and corrosion resistance; has good oil resistance and chemical resistance properties.

  • The data and data of the above products are accumulated according to the experience of our experiment and practical use, and can be used as a construction guide. We have the right to modify the product according to the continuous improvement of our products. We can only guarantee the quality of the paint itself, and the other aspects of the problem are not responsible for the construction of the paint itself.


Workshop primer
——MoreShip paint

Composed of polyvinyl butyral as the base material, anti-rust paint composed of two-component phosphating primer, also known as washing primer.Key Features* Dry fast, painted a few minutes after the stack can be handled· Good adhesion to steel, galvanized steel and aluminum alloyWith most of the paint has excellent sup...

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